A Talented Gardener and Blogger Max Polyakov Told About His Career Path and EOS Agency

A Talented Gardener and Blogger Max Polyakov Told About His Career Path and EOS Agency

A famous gardener Max Polyakov has recently told his career story during the interview. He confessed that his passion for gardening appeared when he was a child. His mother Maria owned a small gardening business. A creative and talented son often helped the mother with her projects. At that time, Max Polyakov could not imagine that his gardening hobby would turn into a successful career.

Max Polyakov’s University Years

By the time Max had to go to university, he already got a reputation of a skillful gardener. However, he treated gardening as a hobby and studied other subjects to get a real job in the future. During his studies, he helped his classmates with flower designs for a small fee. Max Polyakov also started his blog dedicated to gardening. Once he finished university, he got a job as a sales specialist and had to forget about plants for a while.

Max Polyakov’s Job in The Office

Max was a hard worker and managed to earn good money. He also had great relationships with his colleagues and his boss. Despite his success, Max Polyakov did not feel happy with his job. He did not have time for his old hobby at all. He was also sad that he could not visit his mother more often. After the death of his mother, Max felt empty. He decided to quit his job for a while and went back to gardening.

Max Polyakov Is Back to Gardening

Max restarted his blog and looked for his first clients. He sent offers to the people who needed landscape designs. However, it took some time before he finally got his first client. It was his former co-worker. Max Polyakov did his best to create a great design. Thanks to his hard work, he managed to impress the client and get good money for his efforts.

Max Polyakov Starts EOS

The clients were so happy with Max’s work that they recommended him to their friends and colleagues. Max Polyakov started to get more orders. Eventually, he had to train people to work for him. They took care of smaller projects while he was busy with bigger ones. Max’s business started to grow and he realized he needed a brand. He named his firm EOS gardening agency.

Max Polyakov’s EOS Becomes Successful

EOS developed and became one of the most successful agencies in Moldova. The enterprise managed to keep up with numerous projects. Max Polyakov also got clients from Ukraine and Turkey.

Max confessed that the secret of his success is to do what you love the most. His passion for gardening allowed him both to earn good money and be happy.

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