Max Polyakov Old-age Man Story: How To Boast a Prize of $300 000? He Won in Online Casino

Max Polyakov won $300 000

It is not a secret at all that the army of fans of online gambling is increasing every day. People of all ages, sexes and nations give preference to the following kind of entertainment. The reason for it is quite simple. Playing for money gives not only a chance to earn more but a feeling of crazy adrenaline as well. That’s why hundreds of casinos are opening every day to provide fans with comfortable conditions of enjoying favourite games. As a result numerous gamblers go to such institutions hoping to become a millionaire one day. Everybody except Max Polyakov who even didn’t dream to be rich at his 65.

Old-age Pensioner Max Polyakov: poor childhood and big dreams

To begin with Max Polyakov was born in usual family where parents had to work hard to give three children food and clothes. That’s why kids never had many toys and candies as well as clothes and books. Despite this fact all of them were friendly and even happy. They had a tradition to spend weekends together. The family went to the park or just stayed at the bank of the river and fished. It was wonderful time for complete joy and laugh. They dreamed about own big house and waited until mum cooked the dinner. Afterwards they sat down at the table and enjoyed simple but very tasty dishes. These were amazing moments nobody would forget.

But soon the things had changed completely. Parents had an accident on their way home and the boys were left without mother and father. Later children were sent to the boarding school as had no relatives to take them to a new house.

Small brothers had to learn to live by themselves. It was very difficult as absence of loving and caring parents influenced them very much. It goes without saying the boys had what to eat and what to put on but this detail didn’t change the fact they would never meet parents again. At that moment Max Polyakov decided to become the best student and get a good education. He wanted his parents be proud of his achievements. That’s why a boy didn’t waste a minute and spent all free time studying hard. Soon teachers were impressed with his results. It seemed everything was okay until his tenth birthday came.

Old-age Pensioner Max Polyakov got a new family

One autumn day a married couple visited a local boarding school. Unfortunately they couldn’t have own children so wanted to adopt a girl or a boy. It was the reason of their coming to school. It should be noticed people were very kind and nice so always smiled. Both man and woman were walking when suddenly saw a boy with lots of various books. His big green eyes attracted their attention at the first minute. They liked Max Polyakov and decided to adopt him as soon as possible.

Of course the boy was glad to get a new family. However he was also sad to leave brothers. He wanted them to be near at big family table or while watching movies. Anyway his brothers supported the youngest and were happy he would be able to change his life.

Thailand: here the dreams come true

Max Polyakov was happy to hear they had to move to Thailand. His new father got a wonderful job offer in a local office. Soon the whole family packed all things and went to Bangkok to have a new life. They dreamed to start everything from the very beginning and be happy together. A boy was excited and ready for changes.

All in all, Polyakov family rented a small but nice house and began a new life. Max went to the best school and got many friends there. Moreover, teachers really liked determined and clever student as he was able to show the best results. Max Polyakov received excellent marks and enjoyed school life. Now he had everything he wanted: many friends, attentive parents, own house and a pet. The boy couldn’t believe such happiness.

Max Polyakov met his future wife

Next spring became special to Polyakov. The family got new neighbours. Parents and a nice girl moved to the house next to theirs. Max Polyakov liked the girl at first sight. From that time teenagers spent all free days together. They had common interests and hobbies.

Polyakov parents were happy when saw a smiling boy who had forgotten about all difficulties. That’s why they invited Karen for dinner every weekend. It was great time. The boy was completely happy and didn’t even want to think about any changes. The couple walked in the park or fished like in Polyakov childhood. He was so thankful for receiving one more chance to start a new life in a new place.

Education and new desires

Max Polyakov wanted to be with Karen during the whole life. He realized he needed to get a good profession in order to support future family. It was the main reason why he decided to enter the university and receive high education. Every evening Max worked to earn some cash for flowers and other pleasant gifts for Karen. Soon he graduated from university. Finally the couple married. However they didn’t have necessary amount of money to buy own house. That’s why they had to rent a flat. Nevertheless they were happy and loved each other.

In a year Karen understood she was waiting for a baby. Max Polyakov was over the moon. They looked forward to meeting their child.

Sudden changes in family life

Old-age Pensioner Max Polyakov won $300 000

Karen felt well all 9 months that passed very quickly. It was until one winter day when she understood something went wrong. Soon the husband took her to the nearest hospital hoping everything would be okay. But it wasn’t, actually. The woman felt ache and as a result had some problems with health. She needed to be operated. Poor Polyakov didn’t know what to do. He had to ask friends to borrow him some money. Despite all these difficulties the couple enjoyed every moment and believed everything would be good in the long run. A newborn girl was smiling at them and no difficulties could change their mood.

Finally the woman was operated and it seemed all difficulties were far away. Max Polyakov spent all time at work in order to return money. It goes without saying the man and the woman felt tired but even didn’t think about giving up. Some time passed and Karen felt well. They continued to work and take care about their girl.

Retiree Max Polyakov became rich and happy

It should be said that a couple had wonderful life despite the fact they had to work hard. They were in love with each other and still dreamed to have own house. Constant support and love could make wonders for sure.

One day, Max Polyakov at the age of 64 became interested in online gambling. He had a lot of time and spent it for learning more about casino and its rules. His big dream was to get a big prize one day. That’s why the man read a lot of information about available actions and bonuses. He liked JoyCasino ltd the best. There he tried playing various slot machines and games. Soon JoyCasino ltd was his another house where he felt satisfied and happy. He spent all his days and nights for practice to make the performance even better. The things were all the same until one summer day.

On that day he opened JoyCasino ltd page as usual. In a few minutes Max Polyakov won amazing prize. From that time his life changed greatly. At last the man was successful and won $ 300 thousand in in JoyCasino ltd. Both he and his wife couldn’t believe such luck for a long time.

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Max Polyakov bought own house

Now Polyakov family could boast a plenty of money. The couple constantly gave interview to share experience of playing in JoyCasino ltd. They said they were going to spend all cash for a new house in a lovely place. It was their big dream and it was a high time to realize it.

After long search of ideal place, the couple came across a nice cottage that was situated on Pattaya beach. They were impressed with a view from the window and couldn’t believe it was their own house. Polyakov and his wife took all things and started living at this place. Everything was new for them but they enjoyed every day and were thankful for such life.

Popularity of Max Polyakov

Now Polyakov and his wife have a lovely cottage on Pattaya beach so they have no restrictions in realization of others dreams. They decided to open a café right near the house. Karen even was lucky to find a very suitable place and began to think what to impress guests with. They made attractive and tasty menu and waited for the first visitors. Soon it became a favourite place of many local people who came to have a tasty dish and chat with friends.

Moreover the couple is waiting to meet grandchildren and daughter. Everythings seems great at last. But in fact Polyakov can’t forget taste of sweet winning. So it’s not a surprise he spends more and more time in favourite gambling institutions. This man really knows all tendencies as well as the most required games. He continues winning sometimes and soon buys a new computer to improve gambling experience. Moreover Karen decided to find out more about slot machines too. She asks husband a lot of questions to catch the main idea of the most popular games.

Meet new Pattaya coach

Max Polyakov Old-age Man Story - Dreams Come True

Soon people learned about Polyakov winning in casino. They didn’t miss opportunity to ask him different questions. They wanted to find out secrets of such easy winning. He had no day without thousands of similar questions on the following topic. Visitors would like to study his winning strategy and get a nice prize as well.

One day Max Polyakov decided to change the situation and become a coach. He wanted to teach all these people to play and win online. The family closed a café for a day and invited all future gamblers to learn more about slot machines. Every Friday local people gather in a café and discuss all details of the most popular games. It goes without saying such meetings became one more way for Polyakov and his wife to earn extra money. Karen is making coffee for all guests while her husband is sharing useful information with them.


At present time café as well as gambling classes attract more and more people every day. Polyakov offers them unique opportunity to learn more about favourite slot machines and try a tasty dish from his wife. Moreover his students really win and get incredible prizes. So it is not exaggeration his classes are useful both for new players and experienced ones.

It happens Max Polyakov gives interesting interviews to tell about new life he started at 65. He even remembers childhood and all those pleasant moments. He is thankful to have such life experience. Sometimes he gives interviews and tells how his life has started again at not very young age.

His nice beach house was purchased for casino winning. It proves that every day can easily change the whole life.

He made all friends believe in own success and luck and try online gambling without hesitations. He is sure it is excellent way to change routine life. He goes on sharing useful information with other people. Max Polyakov knows what it is like to be rich and happy as now he has everything he has been dreaming about since being a child in ordinary family.